Sode Trading Provides The World's Finest qUALITY Fruit To Its Customers In Senegal

Why Choose Sode Trading?


Sode Trading is one of the leading Senegalese companies in the field of export and import of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sode Trading is based in Senegal. All year round, it supplies fruit and vegetables to a diverse pool of customers: importers, wholesalers, supermarket chains, caterers, and the processing industry.

stonefruit mangoes


The import-export of fruit and vegetables cannot be improvised. It is thus, strong of these years of experiences, that the company Sode Trading makes you benefit every day from the irreproachable quality of its service.
Moreover, thanks to a qualified staff, and having a thorough knowledge of the fruit and vegetable market, our company guarantees its customers a range of products selected with the greatest care.


Quality is good, but choice is better. Besides the exceptional character of its products, Sode Trading offers its customers a wide range of fresh produce. With more than a dozen brands, you will find it difficult not to find the products that match your needs. We also strive to carefully select our suppliers. We work with the best fruit and vegetables growers in Africa, Europe, and other parts of the world.

OUR PRODUCTS & procurement regions

Apples: South Africa, France, Spain
Pears: South Africa, Argentina, Belgium, Holland
Citrus: South Africa, Egypt, Morocco
Stonefruit: South Africa
Bananas: Ivory Coast
Plums: South Africa
Grapes: Egypt, India, South Africa
Kiwis: South Africa

Our Partners

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At Sode Trading, we strive to offer the most varied and premium quality products to fruit wholesalers and fruit buyers in Senegal. Our suppliers are fruit growers and exporters whose passion and commitment to excellence is expressed in the quality of their goods. Does that description fits you? 

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